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I was born in Denver, CO and raised in the neighboring state of South Dakota.  All my ancestors were immigrants to this country who ended up in South Dakota.  My great-great grandfather, John Robertson Denholm, was a homesteader in Scotland Township in eastern South Dakota where he brought his family, including my great-grandfather, John James, in a covered wagon in 1882.  Much of that land is still in my family today.  One of John James’s sons, my great-uncle, Frank Denholm, is a former US Congressman from South Dakota.

As a very young child I remember my great-uncle’s campaign for re-election.  I knew even at that tender age that I had a strong interest in politics.  Later, I became Girls’ State Governor of South Dakota which was one of the most significant experiences of my young life.  My 18th birthday fell one day after Ronald Reagan was elected as our 40th president.  I was so disappointed that I could not vote in that election!  Although everyone in my family, including my great-uncle was a democrat, and my grandfather was a close friend of George McGovern, also from South Dakota, I immediately registered as a Republican, and I have remained so my entire life.

I married one month out of high school and enrolled at Texas Tech University where my husband was employed in Student Services.  Two years later I had my first child, a boy, with another one to follow two and a half years later.  I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education with emphasis in Political Science and Speech, graduated Magna Cum Laud and am a member of the academic fraternity Phi Kappi Phi.

We moved back to South Dakota where I taught school part time and focused my primary attention on my boys.  When their father and I divorced I began a career in the Telecommunications Industry.  I then fell in love with a Wyoming man whom I married in 1996 and moved to Casper, Wyoming.  I loved Wyoming right away, but it has become more and more dear to me over the past 18 years.  My first job in Casper was to help an established Office Products business called Byron’s Office Equipment to form a telecom division; I’m happy to say that they have left office products behind and have become a dedicated and thriving telecom company today, First Call Communications.  Then, I was recruited by Crum Electric Supply Company to be help create their datacom division; as one of the first Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) in the state of WY, I helped them establish this low voltage division throughout their 10 branch regional operation.

In 2001 I was recruited by the world’s largest Cabling Products manufacturer, CommScope.  Most cable TV services world-wide are carried via their broadband cabling products.  I moved to Salt Lake City and two years later became a casualty of the dotcom and telcom bust.  After surviving 5 corporate reorganizations, I was laid off.  Then I found a new career as a corporate headhunter with the largest international recruitment firm in the world, MRI (Management Recruiters International).  After learning this new profession, I moved back to Casper where, for the past 9 years I have continued to work as an executive recruiter, first on my own and now with a small Salt Lake City firm owned by a former MRI colleague.  I serve clients, nationally and internationally, that are engaged in developing new drugs.

I became a Precinct Committeewoman in 2012 when I decided it was now time for me to become politically active.  Like many people, I had become extremely alarmed at the damage done to our country as a result of the Obama administration.  I have served as the Finance Chairperson on the Executive Committee of the Natrona Co. Republican Party and I have been a delegate at two Wyoming State GOP Conventions.  I am more convinced than ever that the involvement of good people who are strong Republicans is essential to our nation and to the great state of Wyoming.  We have issues both inside and outside of our own Republican party that are a threat to our future, and that is why I have decided to run for a seat in the Wyoming senate.

If you took the time to read all the way through this detailed biography, thank you.  I hope you enjoyed learning about who I am.  I have the rugged individualism and  independent spirit that are characteristic of Wyoming people.  Wyoming is my home and she is very dear to me.  I believe all states in our union are being threatened by big government and collectivism as well as militant social activism, and we must fight back to make sure liberty continues to reign for the citizens of Wyoming!

I would appreciate your vote in the primary election on Aug. 19th.

Kara Rae Linn

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