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Stotsky_smallDr. Sandra Stotsky, Ed.D.
Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas

Dr. Stotsky served as an expert in Language Arts on the original Validation Committee for the Common Core Standards.  She was one of several qualified professionals who refused to give their sign off of the final product citing deficiencies in the standards and flaws in the validation process itself. Dr. Stotsky states that the standards committee was made up of many people who were not bona fide experts and that the work of the committee was nothing but a rubber stamping committee for the progenitors.  The identities of the 29 members were kept secret originally and all members were sworn to keep all proceedings strictly confidential.  This was not a transparent effort of a large cross section of states across the nation.  It was a hand-picked group of people, many of whom had questionable qualifications, and a validation process that did not actually validate the quality of the standards.  Dr. Stotsky reports, “The lead ELA writers were David Coleman and Susan Pimentel, neither of whom had experience teaching English either in K-12 or at the college level. Nor had either of them ever published serious work on K-12 curriculum and instruction. Neither had a reputation for scholarship or research; they were virtually unknown to the field of English language arts. But they had been chosen to transform ELA education in the US. Who recommended them and why, we still do not know.”  She continues, “I was the only nationally acknowledged expert on English language arts standards by virtue of my work in Massachusetts and for Achieve, Inc.’s American Diploma Project high school exit standards for ELA and subsequent backmapped standards for earlier grade levels.”

Click here for Dr. Stotsky’s article outlining the deficiencies and deceptions regarding the validation process for the Common Core Standards.  Click on Dr. Stotsky’s picture for her professional biography and credentials.




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